Conducting baseline survey for profiling of the Mahila Kisan

  • Identification of 500 women farmers covering all the villages.
  • Generating options for interventions in farming, keeping in mind the agro-climate, need for food security and demand trend in the markets.

Formulation of household based Detailed Livelihood Plans (DPR)

  • Develop the livelihood plans with individual members of the women farmer - assessing the resource base of the family, current use of resources (mainly land) at their disposal and problem mapping, understanding family’s needs and aspirations for livelihoods, collation of individual plans at the SHG level.
  • Detailing out intervention strategies with focus on optimum utilization of land and water resources.

Capacity Building

  • Training/Capacity building of women farmer with thrust on building the knowledge and skills of women.
  • Adoption of improved farming practices among women would be ensured through rigorous on-field training, crop demonstration and handholding support. The services of the CRP’s would be hired by SHG’s women for efficient delivery of various services at the doorstep of individual families.

Developing livelihoods cadres – Agriculture CRP/Livestock CRP

  • Creating a pool of livelihoods cadres through rigorous content based training and exposure.

Linkages - Market & Finance

  • Promotion of producers group under suitable laws would be an important intervention to collectivize input procurement and marketing of produces. This intervention would also help in attainment of scale of economy in the identified villages to organize various services (doorstep delivery of inputs, credit linkage, problem solving services, lifting produces at farm gate etc.).
  • The collectives would hire expert to build linkages with input suppliers and traders for marketing of produces.

Operational Strategy

  • MzSRLM would transfer the input funds for producers group through V.O. The producers group would be supported by MzSRLM to implement the projects.
  • Convergence with MGNREGS and MzSRLM will be done for creation of assets. MzSRLM staffs will be involved.
  • Custom hiring centre will be established where equipments mainly in the form of agriculture implements like sprayer, weeder/bush cutter, pipe, power tiller etc. would be available so that women farmer can get access the equipment on rent basis in order to reduce drudgeries of women.
  • Livelihood interventions mainly through intensification and diversification of farming would be initiated subsequent to the creation of irrigation infrastructure. The women farmer would leverage credit requirements from the Community Investment Fund.
  • Within the SHG, priority will be given to needy and individual women farmer for improving their income and livelihood options.